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About Us

With 200+ employee-base our capabilities span over broad spectrum including Solution Consulting, Test Automation, Development, Consulting, Infrastructure Monitoring and Globalization. Focus on your core business while we take care of all other aspects.

Filose – Fidel L10N Services Filose is the Localization division of Fidel Softech Pvt Ltd, focusing exclusively on

  • Localization of contents in different Languages
  • Translation, with expertise in 90 different languages
  • Interpretation services
  • Language Training
  • Localization project management
  • Language and soft skills training for Corporates
  • Online Language Training

Fidel is a IT System Integrator company with business units focused on verticals

  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure management
  • Localization Services

Fidel started its operations in 2003 in IT and later in Localization.

Sunil Kulkarni

Sunil Kulkarni
Founder and CEO

Sushrut Potdar

Sushrut Potdar

Mandar Inamdar

Mandar Inamdar

Prachi Kulkarni

Prachi Kulkarni