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Banking Localization Services

Banking Translation & Localization Services

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    Banking is a sector vital to every country’s economy. At Filose, we eliminate linguistic roadblocks with our banking translation and localization services. A robust banking system is a significant indicator of every nation’s progress. While processes, technology, people, etc., form a crucial aspect of every country’s banking ecosystem, one cannot discount the criticality of communication. Often, linguistic barriers impede communication and lead to potential errors, hindering the banking system’s progress. Here’s more to them.

    Our Banking Localization Services

    Our banking translation and localization services encompass translating a range of documents. However, we also help bankers localize digital platforms. Accordingly, our banking localization services include the following.

    Banking Website Translation and Localization

    Our banking website translation and localization ensure your banking website speaks multiple languages and caters to a broader group of customers across a target market. A localized and well-translated website can prove helpful in establishing local market presence and customer trust, which are factors crucial to every organization’s success.

    Website Localization
    Banking Mobile App Localization

    Banking Mobile App Localization

    Having a mobile app is great! But having a well-translated and localized one is even better. Banking apps have become more important than ever, especially given the convenience they offer. However, localized applications can take personalization and customer experiences to the next level. At Filose, we also specialize in banking app translation and localization, ensuring accurate localization and helping you enhance your customer journeys.

    ATM Software Localization and Translation

    ATMs have become an integral aspect of the global banking system. While earlier ATMs were in the default language – English, considering the rapid penetration of ATMs in the interiors of every country, it became necessary to localize ATM displays to simplify money withdrawal and depositing for customers. Connect with us if you are a bank looking to localize or translate your ATM software and simplify your services.

    ATM Software Localization and Translation

    Why Choose Filose for Banking Translation and Localization Services?

    Here are some reasons for making us one of the leading names for banking localization and translation services.


    Assured Quality:

    Our banking localization undergo multiple, stringent, and expert quality checks to ensure error-free and accurate translations on the linguistic, technical, contextual, and cultural front.


    Qualified and Experienced Resources:

    We nurture a team of the required types of resources, including translators, localization experts, subject matter experts, quality check specialists and more to ensure comprehensive banking translation and localization support. Our team is one of the most significant reasons contributing to our and our clients’ success.


    Data Secrecy:

    With us, your data remains secure, as our resources, no matter their location, strictly adhere to the standard and specific data protocols.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time:

    We respect our client’s time and urgency. Accordingly, we scale up and down our team size as the need be. However, we ensure that all the teams involved in the project meet the deadlines committed to the clients.

    Banking localization Challenges

    Banking localization has its distinct set of challenges, which banking institutions face while translating their documents. Let’s look at some common ones.

    qualified resources

    Banking Terminology:

    Banking terminology is one of the most significant challenges confronting banking institutions. The latter needs to know all the banking terms used in a country or a region thoroughly and know what to localize and what not to. Some terms need to be used as they are considering their global nature. Whereas, some will have to be localized.


    Data Security:

    Localizing financial documents is a critical task as it may contain sensitive and confidential financial information about the bank and its customers. Not having a proper data security protocol could lead to unimaginable problems. Hence, it is imperative for every organization to have its set of data rules and regulations and also have it from the client to remain double sure, safe, and secure. Implementing confidentiality agreements or NDA and encryption technologies can help in this regard.

    Years of Experience in Subtitling and Captioning

    Compliance Concerns:

    Financial regulations, laws, taxes, and banking and accounting practices vary with the country and may also be unique per the region. Translators should work closely with subject matter experts to ensure they deal with these aspects effectively and carefully while translating and localizing to avoid potential blunders!

    Filose Banking localization Expertise

    In addition to digital platform localization for the banking sector, we translate a range of documents, including the following.

    • Annual Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • User Manuals and Guidelines
    • Financial Contracts and Agreements
    • Customer Emails, Letters, and Other Correspondence
    • Bank Application Forms
    • Training Materials
    • Bank Statements
    • Research Reports
    • Legal Banking Documents
    • Marketing Collaterals

    Connect with Filose, your banking localization partner with expertise in over 100+ Indian and foreign languages. Our experts will take you through our services to help you explore our value proposition and how we can help you leverage language as a medium for business growth. Please write to us at to interact with our experts.