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Language Consultancy Services

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When we talk about languages in the context of localization, or for that matter globalization, the first thing that comes to our mind is translation. This is the reason why, apparently, managing language-related aspects don’t seem as difficult. Nevertheless, since it isn’t just the language or its translation, but many other technical aspects that companies have to manage before they begin with translating the content. The management of all these language-related aspects is collectively termed as language consultancy services.

Language consultancy demands study the language needs of a particular client with a view to developing solutions to optimize the language solution. These services are aimed at helping companies manage a lot of language-related elements including content restructuring, content updates, software localization, preparing technical documentation, and a lot of others such as interpretation, content development, voice overs, etc. Besides, it also involves serving companies that may require services or a piece of advice on selecting the most appropriate localization tools, choosing the right website structure, etc.

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    Filose Language Consultancy Services

    Language Consultancy Services

    At Filose, we offer a wide array of language consultancy services including language translations for over 100 languages across the globe, voice overs, website and software localization, content development, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, desktop publishing (DTP), content editing and proofreading, subtitling, voice and voice editing, and dubbing. Besides, our language consultancy services also include the following.

    • Offering technical advice over preparing and optimizing content that might, later on, undergo localization.
    • Technical consultation on the creation, structuring, and the management of multilingual content.
    • Helping clients funnel their globalization efforts through the optimization of the content creation and management process.
    • Terminology management consultancy.

    Why Choose Filose Language Consultancy Services?

    We are an established organization working in the area of linguistic solutions for several years. We offer a wide range of language consultancy services, right from content creation to editing, and beyond. Here are some reasons that make Filose one of the leading language consultant in the world.

      • Years of evolved experience in language consulting.
      • Application of the latest language consulting tools, techniques, and technologies.
      • Expedited, customized, and appropriate solutions to ensure optimal results.
      • One stop solution for language consulting and management.
      • Language consulting for over 100 Indian and global languages altogether.

      Language consultancy is an intricate area of operation. Therefore it requires experts to help you manage every macro as well as micro elements involved in it. When it comes to language consulting and management, all you require is Filose’s linguistic expertise. Rest, everything will fall in place!

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