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SaaS Localization Services

SaaS Application Localization Services

Are you a SaaS company looking to go global? Then you must align your product and adapt it to serve the needs of your target audience! Of course, English is the world’s default business language. But with the exponential growth of regional language internet users, ignoring local languages could hurt your geographical expansion. Besides, since 55-57 percent of consumers prefer product information local language over price, one cannot ignore the significance and the widespread impact of localization.

So, you’ve made the right decision to localize your SaaS application. Whether you are yet to venture into a new market or have already registered as a player, Filose is here to help you with the best SaaS app localization services.

Our experts ensure comprehensive SaaS localization that involves localizing the app’s UI/UX, content, and various other aspects to help make it resonate with the target audience. Our unmatched accuracy and eye for detail make us stand out among our counterparts.

Ask for SaaS Application Localization Services

    Filose’s SaaS Localization Services

    UI/UX Localization

    Localizing UI/UX refers to ensuring a localized look, feel, and experience of the SaaS application. Our experts effortlessly localize your SaaS application’s UI/UX element to help it match the local user’s needs and expectations.

    UI/UX Localization
    Content Translation

    Content Translation

    We translate all the relevant content in your SaaS application accurately. We employ a team of language experts who can translate content for 100+ Indian and foreign languages. While ensuring a quick turnaround, they ensure linguistic, cultural, and technical accuracy to help retain the original essence and meaning of the content.
    Content translation and localization include adapting everything from textual content to audio files, videos, graphics, and images to the local culture. The purpose is to deliver personalized user experiences. Our content localization services serve it meticulously!

    Localizing Menus, Colors, and Tabs

    At Filose, we walk the extra mile to localize your app’s menus, colors, and tabs to match the local culture and user expectations. It helps enhance the user’s comfort level, improving your reputation as a brand that cares for its local consumers.

    Localizing Menus, Colors, and Tabs
    Script Accommodation

    Script Accommodation

    Your application might have been originally made in a language that runs from left to right. But now, to expand in regions from where they write from right to left, you will require localization that helps accommodate the script. We can help you here. If your application is inherently capable of accommodating multiple scripts, we can help align any script to provide a thoroughly localized experience to your users.

    Why Choose Filose for SaaS Localization Services?

    Make us your language service provider (LSP) and get all our language services at one stop. We have a team of 200+ language experts dealing in 100+ languages.

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    Comprehensive Localization Approach

    We ensure localizing every aspect of the application end-to-end. Our experts leave no stone unturned while ensuring effective and efficient localization.


    Team of SaaS Application Localization Experts

    We employ a team of in-house and external localization experts, who ensure accurate localization, while also adhering to the prescribed SLA and security protocols.

    Localization Project Management

    100+ Indian and Foreign Languages Served

    We are lang-tech company with expertise in over 100 Indian & foreign languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German ,etc.


    Strategic and Sustainable Results

    We plan and execute the localization project to assure clients of enterprise-level localization and strategic results like increased user trust and engagement.

    High Levels of Accuracy

     Continuous and Prompt Updates

    At Filose, we don’t limit ourselves to one-time localization. Instead, we extend our support to ensure continuous and prompt updates to keep the SaaS app relevant.

    SaaS Localization Services

    Look at localization as a strategy to win regional markets with Filose. We leverage our expertise and experience to SaaS Localization most appropriately and help you earn a competitive advantage. For seamless, high-quality, and engaging localization, connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at, and discuss your needs with our experts.