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Spanish Translation & Language Services

Spanish Calligraphy

Spanish is a Romance language. It was originated in the Iberian Peninsula. Spanish belongs to the Ibero-Romance group of languages. It is estimated that over 572 people speak Spanish worldwide. Out of which 477 million are native speakers. Spanish is considered the most spoken native language globally. Spanish is the official language of 22 countries. In Spain, Spanish is called español. Whereas if contrasting it with French and English Language it is called Castellano.

Ask for Spanish Language Services

    Spanish Language Service Provider (LSP)

    Translation Services

    Spanish Translation

    Translate Documents, Websites and Portals, User manuals, Advertisements, Videos and News in Spanish.

    Language Testing

    Language Testing

    We offer Language Testing services to check and maintain accuracy of the translation.


    DTP in Spanish

    We offer multilingual DTP services for Brochures, Flyers, Visiting Cards and Coupons.



    Speech, Meeting, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation in Spanish.



    We offer Software, Website, Video Game and Product Localization for Spanish.

    Transcription Services

    Spanish Transcription Services

    With the highest levels of accuracies across all the stages of the project, we ensure In-time project delivery for eLearning modules, Seminars, Video surveillance in Spanish.

    Annotation Services

    Spanish Annotation Services

    Get high and quick Spanish image & video annotation services at Filose. We ensure to meet the specific demands of our clients.

    Voice Over (VO) Services

    Spanish Voice Over (VO)

    With high standard voice-over services, we make sure the uniqueness of the content gets increased. We have professional Spanish voice-over services experts for your projects.

    Subtitling Services

    Subtitling Services

    In a quick and precise way, we provide high-quality subtitling services for movies, web series, videos, and television.

    Spanish Language Translation, Transcription, VO, Annotation Services We Offer

    Certificates and Documents Spanish Language Translation

    • Brochure and Marketing Material
    • User Manual Translation
    • Product Catalog
    • Handbook Translation
    • Business Document
    • Technical Document
    • Training Document
    • Patent Translation
    • Government Document
    • Legal Document
    • Market Report
    • Medical Translation
    • Healthcare Translation
    • Research Papers
    • Certificate

    Software, Website and Apps

    • Mobile Apps Localization
    • Software Localization
    • UI Localization
    • Websites Translation
    • Multilingual Digital Marketing & SEO

    Videos & Images

    • Video Transcription
    • Audio Transcription
    • E-Learning Course
    • Video Annotation
    • Video Subtitling
    • Advertisement
    • Image Annotation
    • Promotional Campaign

    Why Filose for Spanish Language Translation Services


    Spanish Quality Check

    Filose understands your need of language quality parameters. We have experienced and professional language experts, our QC engineer are highly qualified and able to find out the smallest mistake.



    Most of Filose linguistic resources are based in their home countries where they keep in touch with how languages are used. Our native translators and domain experts work to ensure correct meaning conveyed.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    For shorter turnaround time on larger volumes, it is possible to deploy multiple Spanish translators and perform additional reviews to ensure a good quality deliverable. We offer quick, reliable and quality assured translation service.



    Data privacy is one of the major benefits of outsourcing the services to us. once the translation part is completed, the output is passed through several QC stages within the shortest possible time frame.

    Domains using Spanish Language Services from us

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    We offer a wide range of Spanish translation services, with number of documents including advertisements, both webs as well as print media, brochures, catalogues, video subtitling, video translations, interpretation, user directions, marketing campaigns, product details & vital information, & many others.


    E-Learning in Spanish

    E-learning is quickly gaining pace. We provide most accurate and relevant translations to ensure that the translations connect with the local learners in the long run. Feel free to contact us, to translate your E-learning content from English to Spanish or vice versa.

    Medical and Healthcare

    Medical & Healthcare

    Filose translate a wide range of medical documents such as medical journals, research papers, research reports, patient and doctor notes, training documents, patient instructions, clinical protocols, testing procedures, medication labels, patient reports, etc.

    Technology Product

    Technology Product

    At Filose our technology translation expertise involves translations for technologies involved in various industries such as banking and finance, insurance, hospitality, education, tourism, software, and many others.

    Software Localization

    Software Localization

    Software Localization became essential for IT service providers to increase reach. It includes UI translation, language testing, documentation, games, web, and mobile applications.


    Spanish in Automobile

    We translate documents such as automobile user manuals, booklets, vehicle catalogs, promotional campaigns, advertisements, CAD drawings, technical documents, reports, websites, & many other translation requirements based on the local business needs.


    Spanish in Government

    At Filose our translators are expert at translating a wide range of government documents such as government legal documents, ministry documents, government commercial contracts, legal contracts and agreements, intra-departmental administrative documents, and many more.



    Legal translators at Filose are skilled translation professionals, who are proficient at the language pair, legal technical terms, the sensitivities and the specific requirements of legal translations, and also the cultural dimensions involved.

    About Spanish

    Spanish is a global language, It is officially spoken in countries on four continents and 22 countries. Spanish is the official or co-language of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Spain. Its dialectical difference is vital. 

    Spanish Reach

    Some of the most common Spanish dialects are Latin America, Castilian, Rioplatense, Andalusian, Caribbean, Murcian, Llanito, Equatoguinean and many more. Where Castilian Spanish, is the most widely known and spoken dialect in northern and central Spain.

    Why Spanish Translation?

    The huge number of Spanish speakers across the world, and also the geographical expanse that the Spanish speaking diaspora covers. Right from the United States, to a lot of European regions, besides Spain, further stretching up to regions as far as Australia, etc. the Spanish speaking diaspora is spread across the world and that too in extremely large numbers.

    So, translating something into Spanish is as good as reaching around 572 million speakers around the world. Business owners can only envisage the amount of business or the extent of the reach that one step towards translating their content in Spanish could result in. Spanish translation could help in expanding business worldwide.

    Challenges in Spanish Language Translation

    Let us glance through some of the Spanish translation challenges.

    • Specific Spellings and Sounds

      Spanish spellings and their sounds are closely associated with each other, however, which isn’t a commonly occurring phenomenon in English. When it comes to double letters, Spanish has got only three such combinations, including cc, rr, and ll. This isn’t the case in English that has got double letters with every alphabet. This is one challenge that is commonly confronted in English to Spanish translations.

    • Adjective Position

      The placement of adjectives is an important different between English and Spanish. Spanish tends to place an adjective before the noun, which isn’t the case in English. It is imperative for translators to be aware of this difference, and apply it while working on English to Spanish translations to ensure that the Spanish translations are grammatically as well as regionally accurate

    • Word Order in the Sentence

      Spanish and English follow the subject verb object order, however, with a considerable amount of flexibility offered by Spanish. This flexibility could be a major concern for someone who’s new to Spanish translations or hasn’t really worked on diverse Spanish translation projects.

    Besides the above, there are many other challenges that Spanish translators confront. Nonetheless, the above are the most common ones. Given the scope of Spanish translations, and its reach in the Spanish speaking world, hiring Spanish translators well-conversant with English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations becomes a crucial aspect for business owners are who are looking forward to expanding in the Spanish speaking countries and Spanish speaking markets. Of course, not to forget, there’s another dimension to Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations, and that’s industry-based translations, culturally, industrially, and grammatically relevant and accurate translations!

    Spanish Document Translations

    Filose’s English to Spanish document translation services, and Spanish to English document translation services offer translations for a wide range of documents including user manuals, training documents, medical translations, engineering translations, handbooks, storybooks, brochures, advertisements, etc. for a wide range of industries including, electronics, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, logistics, manufacturing, automobile, software, and many other industries.

    Spanish Website Translation and Localization

    Filose offers a comprehensive range of Spanish translations, including online as well as offline translations. The online Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations include translating websites, mobile applications, and web applications to ensure accurate translations, thus helping business owners connect with the native Spanish speakers across different regions in the world.

    Professional Spanish Translation by Experienced Spanish Translators at Filose

    Filose, one of the premier Spanish translation services provider, offers accurate Spanish translations. Our translators are well-aware of the challenges involved in Spanish translations and are adept at resolving those challenges to ensure culturally, regionally, industrially, and grammatically correct and relevant English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations. Besides, the translators are expert translators for the industry involved, referring to their expertise in the terms and terminologies involved in the industry for which the translations are undertaken.

    Language Pair with Spanish

    Spanish Speakers Reach
    • Spanish to English
    • Japanese to Spanish
    • Spanish to Chinese
    • German to Spanish
    • French to Spanish
    • Hindi to Spanish
    • Arabic to Spanish
    • Italian to Spanish
    • Spanish to Tamil
    • Telugu to Spanish
    • Spanish to Malayalam
    • Bengali to Spanish
    • Spanish to Russian
    • English to Spanish
    • Spanish to Japanese
    • Chinese to Spanish
    • Spanish to German
    • Spanish to French
    • Spanish to Hindi
    • Spanish to Arabic
    • Spanish to Italian
    • Tamil to Spanish
    • Spanish to Telugu
    • Malayalam to Spanish
    • Spanish to Bengali
    • Russian to Spanish

    Website Translation for Spanish Language

    Spanish Translation & Language Services

    Translate your website in Spanish with The Website Translator, which offers seamless translation of the website content, text in banners, widgets and documents. The solution is UX driven and can support SEO upto the page URL structure level for the translated pages. The Website Translator can work with any CMS, any hosting platform and site architecture. Explore the Website translator to translate website in Spanish.