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Pharmaceutical Translation & Localization Services

Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical Industry Statistics – How Large is the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is massive! Yes, absolutely. And, in fact, it is only growing by the day and that too at an extremely rapid pace. Based on a report published by QuintilesIMS Institute, pharmaceutical expenses are going to touch the 1.5 trillion USD mark by the year 2021. Now, that’s definitely a huge number for a single industry! Some of the largest countries with the highest pharmaceutical value are the United States, Japan, China, Germany, and France. These countries are followed by others such as Brazil, Italy, and the United Kingdom and so on.

The pharmaceutical industry is comprised of some extremely huge players in the global market. In fact, according to GlobalData, the global worth of this rapidly growing industry in the year 2018 was USD 92.51 billion. Some of the largest pharmaceutical players in the global market are Pfizer Inc., Novartis, F. Hoffman – La Roche Ltd, Merck & Co Inc., Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and others. The pharmaceutical industry is a research and consumer based industry, and therefore, elements such as research and development, continuous innovation, improvement, and strict adherence to the standard global as well as national rules and regulations is absolutely important, no matter what.

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    Pharmaceutical Translations

    Translate advertisements, promotional campaigns, catalogs, informative and promotional videos in 100+ languages

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    At Filose, we provide high accuracy across all the stages of the project, & ensures the loftiest standards of transcription for all audio and video recordings.

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    We make sure of the uniqueness of the content without changing the tone and context of the content. We have professional voice-over experts for your projects.

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    Get high and quick image & video annotation services at Filose. We ensure to meet the specific demands of our clients.

    Why Filose for Website Translation Services


    Pharmaceutical Quality Check

    Filose understands quality parameters. we have experienced and professional language experts, our QC engineers are highly qualified and able to find out the smallest mistake.



    Most of Filose’s linguistic resources are based in their home countries where they keep in touch with how languages are used. Our native translators and domain experts work to ensure the correct meaning is conveyed.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    For shorter turnaround time on larger volumes, it is possible to deploy multiple Pharmaceutical translators and perform additional reviews to ensure a good quality deliverable. We offer quick, reliable and quality assured translation service.



    Data privacy is one of the major benefits of outsourcing services to us. once the translation part is completed, the output is passed through several QC stages within the shortest possible time frame.

    Pharmaceutical Translations – What do Pharmaceutical Translations mean?

    Pharmaceutical translation is an exclusive branch of translations. Since pharmaceuticals deal with human life, there is no room for errors, mistakes, grammatical or terminological mistakes, and so on. If something is written in a particular format and order, the translator doesn’t have any option but to write it in the same way as scientifically required and accepted by the pharmaceutical and medicine industry. So, when you deal with pharmaceutical translations, it is imperative that you choose translators who aren’t just limited to translations, but possess an extended and extensive expertise at pharmaceutical terms, rules, and regulations of the country wherein the medicines are going to be manufactured, and also the terminologies used in the pharmaceutical industry.

    What do Pharmaceutical Translations

    Pharmaceutical translations involve translating various documents such as training documents, brochures, instructional documents, packaging text, a wide range of critical case studies, synopsis, informed consent forms, documents associated with standard operating procedures, protocol documents, and many others.

    While dealing with the translation of any of these documents, it is necessary that the translator is well-aware of the associated rules and regulations. Different countries follow different rules and regulations, and therefore while translators start translations for a particular country, it is necessary that their translations are compliant with the local rules and regulations.

    Translations services in the pharmaceutical industry are required throughout various stages involved in the research & development, research testing, approval, patenting, manufacturing, quality control, distribution and finally, sales. All these stages require independent technical expertise of various elements involved, right from the beginning until the end. So, besides knowing the language pair and its grammar well, a pharmaceutical translator must ensure that the translation is correct in the context of the process, and in the context of the market that the translation is aimed at.

    Besides, translations in the pharmaceutical industry are time-specific. Of course, the extreme competition in the pharmaceutical industry is one thing. However, delays could turn sensitive resulting in serious concerns such as backlogs, consignment rejections, monetary loss, and most importantly, delays in delivering medicines to the needy markets. Hence, business owners and translators cannot afford to delay translations, in any case.

    Filose Pharmaceutical Translations | Expert Pharmaceutical Translators

    Expert Pharmaceutical Translators

    The pharmaceutical industry is another important industry that Filose caters to with its exceptionally good translation services. Filose’s pharmaceutical translations are absolutely accurate, timely, and compliant with the local and international rules and regulations. At Filose, we nurture a team of expert and certified pharmaceutical translators that are well-aware of the rules, and regulations prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry.Our pharmaceutical translations undergo strict and multiple quality checks, thus ensuring that the translated text is perfect, and most importantly, correct from the industry’s perspective. 

    Our pharmaceutical translations including translating labels, websites, clinical study protocols, various case studies, investigative brochures, synopsis, patent applications, training documents, product specialties, marketing collaterals, pharmaceutical websites, mobile applications, informed consent forms, registration dossiers, and many others.

    Pharmaceutical Industry Translation Localization Services

    If you are one among the aspiring pharmaceutical players, looking forward to expanding in multiple markets and searching for pharmaceutical translation services, Filose is your right partner! For additional insights on our pharmaceutical translations, get in touch with us at +91-20-49007800 or write your concerns and requirements to us at