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Game Localization Services

Game Localization Services
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The gaming market is one of the largest in the technology space. Computer games have evolved considerably in the last 15 years. With advanced computer graphics, amazing features, and intriguing storylines, and characters, games have become an integral part of everyone’s life.

The best game is the one that delivers a genuinely personalized gaming experience to its users. Every game has a specific story and a cultural context with which the developers create it. However, gaming, on account of its global reach, demands localization to enable its users to enjoy it in their native way. This is where Filose, as one of the leading game localization companies, steps in the scene.

At Filose, as one of the best game localization services provider, we localize every necessary aspect of the game to ensure a personalized and localized gaming experience for your game users.

Our best game localization services include game translation, game subtitling, graphics image localization, game dubbing, audio-video voice-over, and linguistic testing to ensure a comprehensive game localization service and solutions package for your game.

Ask for Game Localization Services

    Our Game Localization Services

    We offer a comprehensive game localization service package that includes 360-degree game localization. Our localization package integrates translations, dubbing, and localization to make your game a product that is an appropriate fit in the culture of the users of your game.

    1. Game Translation

    Our game translation services include translating the dialogues of the characters, the instruction manual of the game, the game content, and also localize the market content to help it penetrate the targeted market organically and sustainably. Our game translation and linguistic experts ensure that the language they use is culturally appropriate, and conveys the right message to your users.

    Game Translation
    Game Subtitling

    2. Game Subtitling

    Game subtitles constitute an essential feature of every game. At Filose, our game subtitling experts deliver linguistically, technically, and culturally correct subtitles in various languages. They ensure that the messages are correctly translated, without diluting the entertainment and excitement bit. Our subtitles keep the original fun part as it is, while also taking care of the cultural sensitivities.

    3. Graphics Image Localization

    At Filose, we don’t limit ourselves to game translations and subtitling. We walk the extra mile that serves the cultural and artistic taste of the targeted audience. Our team of gaming graphic and marketing experts from the targeted regions of your game develop genuinely localized graphic designs that resonate with your targeted audience and deliver a fully personalized gaming experience.

    Graphics Image Localization
    Game Dubbing

    4. Game Dubbing

    We employ a team of native male and female game dubbing artists that lend their voice and local linguistic expertise to the game. Our experts are capable of full dubbing with lip and time synchronization, and a game voiceover narration at the game’s pace with voice acting. They deliver the best quality throughout to ensure the best-dubbed product.
    What makes our dubbing artists unique is the fact that they understand the game, their characters, and their essence very well. They dub the characters most comprehensively to put life into them, maintain their original charm, and build a complete entertainment package for the native users of your game.

    5. Audio-Video Voice Over

    Alongside intriguing graphics, speech and sound are essential factors that make the game vibrant and give your game a real-world feel and experience.

    At Filose, our audio-video voice-over makes sure that they do what it takes to give your game a genuinely native feel to let your regional users enjoy the game in their language. Our audio-voice voiceover services include talent castings, voiceover recordings, quality assurance, video game music production, sound design, and SFX, post-production, and quality assurance.

    Audio Video Voice Over
    Linguistic Testing

    6. Linguistic Testing

    Quality, across all the aspects of the game, is an integral aspect. When it comes to linguistic quality, our team of QA specialists and linguistic experts run the translations through various tests. These multiple checks ensure linguistic accuracy, the completeness of the translation, the appropriate use of terminology, in-context review, translation spellings, punctuations, grammar, consistency, and style.

    They also make sure that the formatting is right, and if the translation consists of any typographical errors to correct them immediately. In other words, our linguistic experts use linguistic testing to verify the accuracy of the gaming content. They take it through various checks and assess it across various critical and sensitive parameters that are crucial to the game’s success in a particular market.

    At Filose, we nurture a team of gaming specialists, translators, dubbing artists, linguistic testers, and game localization experts that understand the significance and criticality of game localization. They ensure the most accurate translations, keeping in mind the cultural and linguistic implications for fitting it right in the cultural context of your users. Besides, our team of game localization experts localize the necessary aspects to give you’re a game a native feel and help it connect with your target audience.

    Why Game Localization?

    Game Localization Services

    Games have a global outreach, and in such a situation, you cannot disappoint your users eagerly waiting for you to release your game! But then, releasing the game doesn’t suffice. Games in the modern context demand localization to ensure a region-based approach, and to deliver a personalized experience for your game. Here are some reasons that make game localization a must these days.

    1. Increase Regional Game Sale

    With English, you cover approximately only 30% of the game buffs around the world. The more languages you keep adding to it, the more you localize it and higher your chances of increasing your game’s sale across various regions of the world.

    2. Increase Game Downloads

    Your game downloads will increase if your targeted audience find localized features, and find the native element that adds to their gaming comfort. The more people download your game, the more you increase your sale. So yes, when it comes to increasing game downloads, you must localize your game.

    3. Create Sustainable Relationship with the Users

    A native approach proves useful from the viewpoint of creating a sustainable relationship with your users. Localizing the existing game increases the likelihood of success with the next game of yours, as users await it, or wait for the upgraded version of the existing game.

    4. Outperform your Competitors

    Now that you know how localization can impact your game’s success, you must take proactive measures to localize it, and give your users everything, right from localized language, subtitles, local feel, and experience, much before they ask for it!

    5. Higher App Store Ranking

    Your game may feature exclusive features, the best of graphics, landscapes, characters, vehicles, weapons, and whatnot. But, a few bad reviews relating to localization may let all the hard work down the drain. It may reflect poorly on your brand, and it may negatively affect downloads. Why get into it, when you can avoid it through localization? A localized game ranks better on App stores, and so, localization proves a decisive factor.

    Game Localization Tools we use and Platform that we support

    At Filose, every project is crucial for us. We use the latest game translation tools to ensure quick results, the best quality translations, and on-time project completion. We use a range of latest game translation tools that play an instrumental role in helping us fulfill our commitment to our clients. Some of the game translation tools we use include the following.

    • Felix Cat
    • SmartCat
    • Memsource
    • MemoQ, and many others based on the gaming needs and demands of our clients, and those of the targeted market.

    We keep upgrading our gaming localization tools and technologies to ensure the best results, and a perfect gaming experience for the users. Apart from this, we also support multiple platforms, including the following.

    Linux Mac PC
    Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One
    Virtual Reality Headsets Android, Windows and iOS Mobile Sony PlayStation 3 and 4
    Handheld devices such as Sony PlayStation Vita, 3DS, DSi, iPad, and 2DS

    Why Filose for Game Localization Services?

    Here are some reasons that support our position as one of the best game localization companies in the world.

    qualified resources

    Expert Game Localization Resources

    We employ a team of qualified game localization experts that take care of every detail, and deliver the gaming experience that takes the game to a whole new level. They are well-versed with the application of the latest game localization, and most importantly, possess the approach that results in sustainable success in the local market.

    Cost Effective

    Pay only for New Features

    As games keep upgrading continually, and adding new features, while partnering with us for game localization, you only pay for the new strings. This reduces your upgrade costs to a considerable extent.

    Years of Experience in Subtitling and Captioning

    Translation Support for Multiple Languages

    Filose’s got the linguistic resources that offer translation support for over 100 Indian and foreign languages.

    High Quality Services

    Top quality Gaming Translations

    Our linguistic experts are based out of the language’s home country, and which is why our translations are technically, and linguistically accurate. Besides, our translators take care of cultural sensitivities while translating dialogues, and while creating subtitles for the game.

    Less Time Consuming

    Low Turnaround Time

    Our turnaround time is low. Our translation abilities, localization expertise, and game translation tools and technologies, and along with extensive experience in the game localization business, helps us deliver our projects at a relatively quicker pace.

    Localization Project Management

    Multilingual Technical Support

    We’ve got a multilingual technical support team that offers supports multinational gaming setups, and enterprises. This proves beneficial when it comes to seamless communication between the localization team, and the game developers.

    Translation Services

    Competitive Game Localization Packages

    Our game localization packages are competitive, and customized to meet the localization requirements of your game, and the targeted audience.

    High Quality Services

    Comprehensive Range of Game Localization Services

    We do everything for you when it comes to localizing your game to meet the gaming needs of your local audience. It includes everything right from game translation, game subtitling, graphics image localization, game dubbing, audio-video voice over, and linguistic testing.

    If you wish to take your game to the global level, you must adopt the localized approach. So, talk to our experts at +91-20-49007800 or write in to us at, and take the first step towards localizing your game.