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Video Localization Services

Video Localization Services
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Videos have emerged as an effective marketing tool and a preferred knowledge-sharing medium. While this is undoubtedly true, on the other hand, the increasing significance of personalization, coupled with the penetration of the internet in the interiors, has created the need for video localization. So, today, having an excellent video product isn’t adequate. If you want to target regional markets, you must localize your videos through the best video localization services and give your brand the competitive marketing edge!

Filose is precisely the name you need when it comes to video localization services. We provide a range of services that cover every essential aspect of video localization, such as video dubbing, video voice over, subtitling, closed captioning, and many others to ensure a completely localized and perfectly resonating video product.

We amass years of experience across the localization domain and have worked with several reputed companies from various business domains. Here’s more to what we offer in our video localization proposition.

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    The Significance of Video Localization

    Considering the need and the significance of localization, video localization isn’t just a ‘good to do’ activity but an essential strategy that helps brands boost their marketing efforts. Some of the benefits of video localization include,

    Wider Regional Outreach

    Localizing your video increases your regional outreach to a significant extent. When marketed appropriately, they are watched and shared across the target groups through various virtual mediums, thereby contributing to a broader outreach and to that augmenting brand awareness.

    Wider Regional Outreach
    Optimized Rankings

    Optimized Rankings

    While going global is a good idea, thinking local and targeting the regional audience is even better and the first step to globalization. A localized video performs well among the intended regional audience and helps you enhance your search engine rankings for local searches. If optimized well with compelling and appropriate metatags, meta descriptions, hashtags, etc., the video can boost your rankings, while on the other hand, increasing website traffic and thus the number of leads.

    Higher Resonance

    People resonate with digital content localized in their language. They feel better when dealing with video, audio, or text content that’s linguistically and culturally well-aligned with their expectations. As a result, localized content in the form of videos or text garners a higher and more sustainable brand engagement and resonance.

    Higher Resonance
    Higher Number of Local Business Opportunities

    Higher Number of Local Business Opportunities

    A higher regional engagement can refer to an increased number of local business opportunities. It enhances your chances to grow your business within a particular region by fostering lead growth.

    Increased Brand Trust

    Content localized to a particular target audience, culture and language provide users information in a way that engages with them and helps them make informed decisions. Brands that care for their users and adopt such a sustainable approach win user trust in the long run.

    Increased Brand Trust

    Filose for One Stop Language Services

    Make us your language service provider (LSP) and get all our language services at one stop. We have a team of 200+ language experts dealing in 100+ languages.

    Video Subtitling and Closed Captioning


    We provide both closed captioning as well as open captioning services for several language pairs and over 100 Indian and foreign languages. We blend manual expertise with technology to ensure quick, accurate, and comprehensive closed and open captioning services.

    Subtitling Services


    We provide subtitling services for various languages, including English, German, French, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, etc., for videos across various domains. We employ teams of professional subtitling experts and quality analysts who are native speakers of the language involved. Additionally, our subtitles go through a stringent quality check process to ensure the highest accuracy levels.

    Voice Over (VO) Services

    Voice over Services

    We understand the significance of localized voice-over in video localization. Accordingly, we provide you, a native voice-over experts, to match the accent, tone, pronunciation, etc., of the language involved. Our voice-over experts ensure appropriate voice modulation and put in the right emotions to add essential value to the localized video.

    Translation Services


    As a significant subset of localization, we provide translation services that involve translating the video from English or any other language to the language of your choice. We specialize in translations for over 100 Indian and foreign languages and ensure linguistic, technical, and cultural accuracy and appropriateness while translating.

    Video Dubbing Services

    Video Dubbing

    Our video dubbing services include voice-over style dubbing, lip-sync dubbing and phrase sync dubbing. We combine the latest dubbing technologies along with manual expertise to ensure top-quality video dubbing services.

    Annotation Services


    Our video annotation services include polygon annotation, bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, and key point annotation. We follow a process that involves consulting, training, customizing workflows, feedback, and evaluating.

    Multilingual Transcription Services


    We provide transcription services that help you focus on the conversation rather than worrying about the transcription. Leave transcription to us, and allow us to capture the required value from a particular interaction.

    Why Choose Filose for Video Localization Services?

    qualified resources

    Qualified Localization Resources

    From translators to transcription specialists, we employ a team of native localization resources for high-quality localization services.


    Use of the Latest Technology

    We leverage the latest technologies, such as AI/ ML and couple it with manual expertise and experience to deliver the desired quality levels.

    Years of Experience in Subtitling and Captioning

    Several Years of Localization Experience

    We’ve been in the localization business for over a decade and have evolved with time to become a localization service provider with a difference.

    High Quality Services

    Comprehensive Service Coverage

    From captioning to transcription, with Filose by your side, you get everything pertinent to video localization.

    High Levels of Accuracy

    High Levels of Accuracy

    Our experts ensure high levels of linguistic, cultural, and technical accuracy to ensure relevance, appropriateness, and resonance across every aspect.

    Localization Project Management

    Localization for Over 100 Indian and Foreign Languages

    This is pretty self-explanatory. Our years of experience in the business and the resources we employ to give us an edge in terms of language expertise.


    Proven Results and Expertise

    Over the years, we’ve delivered exceptional results in the form of higher engagement and have contributed to the success of our clients.

    Dedicated Team and Project Manager

    Dedicated Team and Project Manager

    We assign a team and project manager that take end-to-end care of your project. Our project managers coordinate between you and the team and provide regular updates.

    Timely Project Completion

    Timely Completion of Project

    The disciplined process we follow helps us adhere to the SLAs and complete the project on time.

    Cost Effective

    Cost-Effective Localization

    We provide various pricing models to meet the localization needs of global enterprises as well as those of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Video Localization Services

    Look at localization as a strategy to win regional markets with Filose. We leverage our expertise and experience to localize your videos most appropriately and help you earn a competitive advantage. For seamless, high-quality, and engaging localization, connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at, and discuss your needs with our experts.