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Greek Translation & Language Services

Greek Calligraphy

Native to Greece, Albania, and Cyprus, Greek has over 13 million speakers and forms an independent branch of the Indo-European language. Greek translations pave the way to a more extensive outreach within the Greek-speaking regions and countries and therefore increase the likelihood of growing local business volume. At Filose, we are a team of qualified Greek translators and linguistic experts that ensure the best Greek translations to diverse businesses.

Ask for Greek Language Services

    Greek Language Service Provider (LSP)

    Translation Services

    Greek Translation

    Translate Documents, Websites and Portals, User manuals, Advertisements, Videos and News in Greek.

    Language Testing

    Language Testing

    We offer Language Testing services to check and maintain accuracy of the translation.


    DTP in Greek

    We offer multilingual DTP services for Brochures, Flyers, Visiting Cards and Coupons.



    Speech, Meeting, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation in Greek.



    We offer Software, Website, Video Game and Product Localization for Greek.

    Transcription Services

    Greek Transcription Services

    With the highest levels of accuracies across all the stages of the project, we ensure In-time project delivery for eLearning modules, Seminars, Video surveillance in Greek.

    Annotation Services

    Greek Annotation Services

    Get high and quick Greek image & video annotation services at Filose. We ensure to meet the specific demands of our clients.

    Voice Over (VO) Services

    Greek Voice Over (VO)

    With high standard voice-over services, we make sure the uniqueness of the content gets increased. We have professional Greek voice-over services experts for your projects.

    Subtitling Services

    Subtitling Services

    In a quick and precise way, we provide high-quality subtitling services for movies, web series, videos, and television.

    Greek Language Translation, Transcription, VO, Annotation Services We Offer

    Certificates and Documents Greek Language Translation

    • Brochure and Marketing Material
    • User Manual Translation
    • Product Catalog
    • Handbook Translation
    • Business Document
    • Technical Document
    • Training Document
    • Patent Translation
    • Government Document
    • Legal Document
    • Market Report
    • Medical Translation
    • Healthcare Translation
    • Research Papers
    • Certificate

    Software, Website and Apps

    • Mobile Apps Localization
    • Software Localization
    • UI Localization
    • Websites Translation
    • Multilingual Digital Marketing & SEO

    Videos & Images

    • Video Transcription
    • Audio Transcription
    • E-Learning Course
    • Video Annotation
    • Video Subtitling
    • Advertisement
    • Image Annotation
    • Promotional Campaign

    Why choose us for Greek Language Translation Services?

    As one of the top Greek translation service providers, we live up to our reputation of providing accurate, high-quality, and a range of Greek translations in standard Greece and its dialects. Our experience in the translation and localization business, and our Greek language expertise and accuracy, make us the best Greek translation partner.


    Quality of Translation

    Our Greek translations undergo strict translation quality check processes to ensure the highest translation quality and accuracy. Our team of qualified QC professionals works closely with the Greek translation team to deliver the desired results through accurate and quality translations.


    Translation Resources

    We have an extensive range of in-house linguistic and technical resources to provide accurate Greek translations. Additionally, we assign a project manager to every project. The project manager provides regular updates about the project and ensures end-to-end management of the project.


    Data Security and Privacy

    We adhere to the best and relevant data and security protocols to ensure the best data security and safety standards. As a result, we provide complete data privacy and security throughout the project. So, with us, by your side, do not worry about data security!

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    Our TAT is reasonably low. We determine the project needs and the resources, and the time required to complete the project. Accordingly, we commit to reasonable deadlines, finalize them after a mutual consensus, and deliver the project on or before the stipulated timeframe.

    Our Greek Language Translation Services

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    At Filose, we translate content from language into Greek to help you build strong local connections with your local consumers. We offer accurate Greek translations for consumer goods and advertisements, brochures, print media, promotional campaigns, and user guides related to them.


    E-Learning in Greek

    Our Greek eLearning translations include translating eChapters, eBooks, videos, and guides. Our translations are culturally, technically, and linguistically accurate. Through our Greek eLearning translations, we pave the way to effective learning for learners who want to learn in Greek.

    Medical and Healthcare

    Medical & Healthcare

    For our clients from the healthcare industry, we translate clinical protocols, testing procedures, patient instructions, medication labels, etc. We understand the criticality of healthcare translations. Accordingly, our technical experts and Greek translators work together to ensure that the technical terms and terminologies involved in the content are translated accurately.

    Technology Product

    Technology Product

    Our technological translations include software product translation and localization in the Greek language. Our Greek technology translations enable users to understand the software application and optimize its use.



    Our Greek electronic translations include translating navigation and GPS, user guides for home appliances, images, diagrams, user manuals, and workflows, in various dialects of the Greek language.


    Greek in Automobile

    We offer translations for the automobile industry as well. For our clients from the automobile industry, we translate automobile organization catalogs, websites, user manuals, brochures, automobile advertisements, CAD drawings and promotional campaigns.


    Greek in Government

    We translate tenders, ministerial documents, agreements, inter-departmental documents, administrative documents, contracts, legal agreements, etc., for our government clients. Additionally, we provide translations to the banking and the finance sector. For our banking clients, we translate financial records, statements, letters, agreements, banking contracts, loan contracts, etc.



    Our Greek language experts and legal experts deliver accurate Greek legal translations. We make every effort to ensure technical, cultural, and linguistic accuracy. Our Greek legal translators translate legal terms, legal agreements, and legal contracts to and from the Greek language into many others.

    Benefits of Greek Language Translations

    Some of the benefits of Greek language translations include,

    • Wider target audience outreach within the Greek-speaking regions
      Access to business opportunities among more than 13 million native Greek speakers
    • Leverage language to connect with the Greek-speaking diaspora outside Greece
    • Penetrate the Greek-speaking market through better and sustainable connections with Greek speakers
    Greek Language Reach

    Language Pair with Greek

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    • Greek to English
    • Japanese to Greek
    • Greek to Spanish
    • German to Greek
    • Greek to Arabic
    • French to Greek
    • Greek to Chinese
    • Portuguese to Greek
    • Russian to Greek
    • Greek to Italian
    • Bengali to Greek
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    • English to Greek
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    • Greek to German
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    • Greek to French
    • Chinese to Greek
    • Greek to Portuguese
    • Greek to Russian
    • Italian to Greek
    • Greek to Bengali
    • Odiya to Greek

    Website Translator for Greek Language

    Greek Translation & Language Services

    Translate your website in Greek with The Website Translator, which offers seamless translation of the website content, text in banners, widgets and documents. The solution is UX driven and can support SEO upto the page URL structure level for the translated pages. The Website Translator can work with any CMS, any hosting platform and site architecture. Explore the Website translator to translate website in Greek.