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Multilingual DTP of Tractor User Manual

Tractor User Manual Translation – Multilingual DTP Case Study

About the Client:

The client wanted Tractor user manual translation in Indian languages. It is a Japanese tractor company. This company is a major Tractor brand and provides hybrid models. With their sustainable business model approaches, they are promoting motor vehicles that are durable and affordable. It is leading the market with its customer centric approaches.

Business Requirements for user manual translation :

  • The client is looking to expand their business in the Indian market. For this, they wanted user manual translation and reference manuals translation of their products. The User and Reference manuals were previously designed in Adobe Frame Maker and in Japanese and English.
  • They wanted accurate and quality translations of user manuals and reference manuals from Japanese/English to Indian Languages.
  • The updated and translated user manuals should be in Adobe Frame maker file and its format.

Project details:

Service: Upgrade, Translation and DTP in different Indian languages.
Source languages: Japanese
Target languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Arabic
Volume: 250 – 300 Pages
Tools and Technology Used: Adobe frame maker

  • Package Folder (Fonts, Links, FM files)
  • Print ready PDF
  • Web PDF


  • Original source file was created in Adobe Frame Maker and its format.
  • The client required manuals in Indian Languages and source files should support features like Cross-references, Hyperlinks, bookmarks, Index Entry, TOC, etc with exact matching of source layout, Image position, spacing, and margin.
  • Should follow the rules and regulations of the languages.


  • We have created many Paragraph and character styles made up of all the required parameters for consistency of every style of layout design and added new updates in user manuals as per the client’s requirements.
  • We have provided accurate and quality translations in Adobe Frame Maker.
  • We have implemented all the required features – cross-reference, Hyperlinks, Index markers, and TOC in the Adobe frame maker tool.
  • The correct translations of all plugin words in different Indian languages have been provided by our best linguist experts.
  • QA team reviewed the final output to match the standard level of files.


  • The client has the benefit of reaching more Indian customers and growing their business.
  • With the user manuals in local languages, the client is able to define and explain the key features of the product in a detailed manner, so they can target native Indian customers.
  • The client could connect with native customers and receive reviews on their products and these translated user manuals made their life simpler in using the products.
  • With the relevant information, it is easy for the client to develop the trust of the customers and promote their services and products in different marketing channels.

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