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Nobiin Language Translation Services

Nobiin Language Translation Services
Nobiin Language Translation Services

The Nobiin language is a Northern Nubian language that the Nubian people in Egypt and Sudan, specifically those settled along the Nile River. The language is also called Mahas. It belongs to the Nilo-Saharan language family and is categorized as part of the Eastern Sudanic group. Nobiin uses the Old Nubian script. However, today, the script more commonly used is Arabic.

Nobiin has nearly 0.6 million speakers in Sudan (Mahas people) and in Egypt (Fedicca people). The language’s number of speakers and geographical spread make it an important language for translation for every organization looking to grow their business across the Nobiin language regions.

At Filose, with a team of Nobiin language experts, we provide Nobiin translation services for various business domains. Our expertise also covers Nobiin localization services to help businesses establish a foothold across Nobiin regions. Here’s more to our Nobiin language translation services.

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    Our Nobiin Language Services

    We provide a range of Nobiin language services that include the following.

    Translation Services

    Nobiin Translation Services

    Our Nobiin language translation services include translating websites, mobile applications, books, eLearning modules, software applications, agreements, government documents, ministerial documents, legal documents, tenders, contracts, etc. Our experts ensure the highest levels of technical, linguistic, cultural, and contextual accuracy.

    Transcription Services

    Nobiin Transcription Services

    Our Nobiin localization services also include Nobiin transcription services that involve converting recorded speech to text and creating premium transcriptions.


    Nobiin DTP Services

    Our Nobiin language services also include creating attractive documents with catchy designs, formats, and layouts to express various types of messages in Nobiin. Our expertise in DTP enables us to support various file formats and provide Nobiin DTP services like typesetting, graphics, text formatting, layout designing, and copy editing.

    Video Dubbing Service

    Nobiin Video Editing Services

    Our support also extends to providing Nobiin video localization services. We employ professional localization and video editing specialists who use the latest and the most competent video editing tools and technologies to provide quality Nobiin video content.

    Language Testing

    Nobiin Language Data Creation Services

    Our Nobiin translation service also includes Nobiin language data creation where we create vernacular data. We help our clients conduct data conversion and adoption, sentiment analysis, and AI engine or chatbot training for Nobiin through our services.

    Voice Over (VO) Services

    Nobiin Voice-Over Dubbing Services

    In addition, we provide Nobiin voice-over dubbing services. Our Nobiin voice-over artists ensure resonating and superior dubbing with native proficiency and accent.

    Nobiin Language Translation, Transcription, VO, Annotation Services We Offer

    Certificates and Documents Nobiin Language Translation

    • Brochure and Marketing Material
    • User Manual Translation
    • Product Catalog
    • Handbook Translation
    • Business Document
    • Technical Document
    • Training Document
    • Patent Translation
    • Government Document
    • Legal Document
    • Market Report
    • Medical Translation
    • Healthcare Translation
    • Research Papers
    • Certificate

    Software, Website and Apps

    • Mobile Apps Localization
    • Software Localization
    • UI Localization
    • Websites Translation
    • Multilingual Digital Marketing & SEO

    Videos & Images

    • Video Transcription
    • Audio Transcription
    • E-Learning Course
    • Video Annotation
    • Video Subtitling
    • Advertisement
    • Image Annotation
    • Promotional Campaign

    Why Choose Filose for Nobiin Languages Translation Services?

    Here’s why you should choose us for Nobiin translation services.


    Quality of Translation:

    We use manual and automated quality check systems to evaluate the accuracy of documents in Nobiin. Our team of QC specialists examines every translated document and passes it through a stringent quality check process to deliver the expected result.


    Nobiin Translation Resources:

    We have a team of Nobiin translations and other Nobiin language professionals, including QC specialists and SMEs who work closely to deliver Nobiin translations of a remarkable quality.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    We review the project needs and commit to timelines suitable for us to work on the project and viable for the client as well. Valuing quality is one of our core values. We cater to it also through timelines we commit.


    Data Security and Privacy:

    Our professionals adhere to the required data security protocol and ensure data confidentiality and security. Thus, while working with us for Nobiin translations, you can expect the highest possible levels of data security.

    Website Translation for Nobiin Language

    Language Translation Services

    If you’ve been eyeing the Nobiin-speaking regions for business expansion, you need the right Nobiin localization partner. Partner with us and prepare to be delighted with Nobiin translation services and expertise. Please email us at to explore more about our Nobiin language translation services. Our experts will happily assist you.