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Video Dubbing Services

Video Dubbing Services

Video dubbing is an essential aspect of video localization. It involves dubbing various elements of a video that enhance the quality of the localized video and help it become more engaging for the target audience.

Filose provides video dubbing services for various videos, business domains, and over 100 Indian and foreign languages. We employ a team of dubbing professionals that ensure the highest quality of dubbing to help you drive the required value from it.

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    Our Video Dubbing Services

    Phrase Sync Dubbing:

    We provide phrase sync dubbing services to match the original and translated audio by phrase. Our experts ensure, the new language corresponds with the original across the time and technical aspects. Although yes, the dubbed version isn’t specific to the word and lip movements.

    Phrase Sync Dubbing
    Lip Sync Dubbing

    Lip Sync Dubbing:

    Our lip sync services involve adjusting the translated script to match it with original audio and the speaker’s lip movements. As a result, the new translated video appears to be a natural match of the original one. The speaker seems to be speaking the sentences in the new language through lip-syncing.

    Voiceover Style Dubbing:

    Through voiceover style dubbing, we overdub the new language with the original. We match the record time of the new language to sync to match the original audio’s duration.


    Voiceover Style Dubbing

    Our other Language Services

    Translation Services

    Language Translations

    Translate documents, user manuals, software applications, mobile applications, advertisements, brochures in 100+ languages.

    Multilingual Transcription Services


    At Filose, we provide high accuracy across all the stages of the project, & ensure the loftiest standards of transcription for all audio and video recordings.

    Voice Over (VO) Services

    Voice over

    We make sure of the uniqueness of the content without changing the tone and context of the content. We have professional voice-over experts for your projects.

    Annotation Services


    Get high and quick image & video annotation services at Filose. We ensure to meet the specific demands of our clients.

    Why Choose Filose for Video Dubbing Services

    Top Quality Video Dubbing

    Top Quality Video Dubbing

    People expect a lot from the videos they see. As a result, we understand you, too, look forward to delivering the required quality levels. We resonate with your expectations and provide high-quality video dubbing services to you.

    qualified resources

    Qualified Dubbing Resources

    We employ a team of skilled and experienced dubbing resources to handle complex project requirements and deliver the desired quality levels in the stipulated time frame.

    Latest Video Dubbing Technology

    Latest Video Dubbing Technology:

    Latest Video Dubbing Technology:
    We employ the latest dubbing technology to expedite the dubbing process, ensure adherence to SLAs, and ensure that the highest accuracy levels are delivered.

    Comprehensive Linguistic Coverage

    Comprehensive Linguistic Coverage

    We provide video dubbing services for over 100 Indian and foreign languages and several language pairs.

    High Levels of Accuracy

    Full Range of Video Dubbing Services

    With us, you get everything related to video dubbing, right from lip-syncing, voiceover style dubbing to translation and phrase sync dubbing.

    Proven Track Record

    Proven Track Record

    To date, we’ve delivered several video dubbing projects successfully that have helped our clients engage with your target audience and thus draw the value they were looking for from it.

    Reputed and Diverse Clientele

    Reputed and Diverse Clientele

    Our clientele includes domestic and global companies from the manufacturing, eCommerce, banking, insurance, education, hospitality

    Dedicated Team and Project Manager

    Dedicated Team and Project Manager

    We assign a dedicated team, along with a project manager to care of your project. Our project managers coordinate between the parties involved for efficient project management.

    Timely Project Completion

    Timely Completion of Project

    We follow a regimented process that allows to commit to realistic timelines and process complete it on time.

    Cost Effective

    Cost-Effective Localization

    We provide various pricing models to help companies of varying sizes and business volumes to dub their videos effectively.

    Video Dubbing Services

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    Are you looking out for localizing your video with the best video dubbing services? You’ve got us. connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at, and discuss your needs with our experts.