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video interpretation services

Video Interpretation Services

for 100+ Asian and European Languages

Video Interpretation Services

Language is considered the most effective medium of communication. But at times, it could become a barrier when neither party understand the other’s language. Video calling has become common these days. It saves time and cost. But what happens when the client and you are completely new to each other, with a very limited understanding of each other’s language? In situations like these, video interpretation services can help. Partner with Filose for extensive and comprehensive services.

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    What is Video Interpretation?

    Video remote interpretation involves an interpreter helping translate the conversation into one more language over a video call. These services help with continuous translation and enable seamless interactions. The interpreters can read visual cues and comprehend the conversation’s tone. Additionally, video interpretation services prove helpful where there are restrictions on the physical movements of one or more parties.

    Our Video Remote Interpretation Services

    We provide video remote interpretation services across multiple call settings, including,

    1. Business Meetings

    Our video interpreters enable flawless interaction during business meetings while ensuring technical, contextual, cultural and linguistic accuracy.

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    2. Webinars

    Do you conduct webinars with participants from different regions? Choose our services, through which you can connect with your audience effectively.

    3. Diplomatic Meetings

    We provide services for settings as critical as diplomatic meetings. Our interpreters enable accurate and seamless communication among delegates.

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    4. Online Training

    Allow education to transcend geographical borders by eliminating language barriers through our services for online training.

    5. Virtual Events and Conferences

    Partner with us for virtual events and conferences on various subject matters and ensure effective and appropriate communication.

    Virtual Events and Conferences
    Online Interviews

    6. Online Interviews

    Do you interview candidates from various geographies to expand your talent base? Choose our services and conduct effective online interviews.

    7. Healthcare Consultations

    Don’t let language become an obstacle for something as crucial as healthcare consultations. Enable flawless and accurate communication between patients and doctors with our services.

    Healthcare Consultations

    Modes of Video Remote Interpretation Services We Use

    As thorough experts in video remote interpretation, we can help you leverage various modes for remote interpretation services.


    Consecutive Interpretation

    Consecutive Interpretation

    We provide consecutive interpretation in settings like conferences, meetings and massive gatherings, where a speaker interacts in his/her language with the audience and pauses to allow the interpreter to translate all the sentences in the audience’s language.

    Liaison Interpretation

    Liaison Interpretation

    Our liaison interpretation services enable interaction between two people during an interview or meeting. We provide interpreters who are comprehensive experts in the languages involved, thus facilitating clear and accurate conversations.

    Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous Interpretation

    In simultaneous interpretation, the speaker speaks and the interpreter interprets the language simultaneously without stopping. It is used in diplomatic and political settings.

    Why Choose Filose for Video Remote Interpretation Services?

    Here are five reasons to choose Filose for video remote interpretation services.

    Accuracy Assured

    Accuracy Assured:

    We ensure the cultural, contextual technical, and linguistic accuracy of the language interpreted during the interpretation process.

    Comprehensive Interpretation Services

    Comprehensive Interpretation Services:

    We specialize in multiple interpretation services to serve various settings and enable freely flowing interactions.

    Years of Experience in Subtitling and Captioning

    Expertise in Multiple Languages:

    Our expertise in 100+ Indian and foreign languages is another reason that makes us one of the best video interpretation services worldwide.

    Team of Experts

    Team of Experts:

    We aren’t confined to a team of language experts but have subject matter experts, technology experts, etc., that work relentlessly towards making every interpretation project successful.

    Reputed Clientele

    Reputed Clientele:

    We work with companies from various domains and have delivered the most complex of interpretation projects with ease and accuracy.

    Do you want to learn more about our Video Remote Interpretation Services? Please email us at to learn more about video remote interpretation services.