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Localization for the Insurance Sector

Localization for the Insurance Sector

Insurance Translation and Localization are as crucial in the insurance sector as it is in others. In the insurance context, localization is associated with a better understanding of insurance products, enhanced customer trust, informed decision-making, improved customer communication, and increased adherence to regulatory compliance. However, insurance localization is complex and therefore requires professional help. So, if you are an insurance service provider looking to localize, Filose has got you covered!

With over a decade of experience in insurance localization services, Filose steps in as a comprehensive insurance translation and localization partner. Our expertise in over 100+ Indian and foreign languages (including many low-resource ones), a team of localization and domain experts, and meticulous approach qualify us as one of the best insurance localization partners to work with. Here’s more to our insurance translation services.

Ask for Localization for the Insurance Sector

    Our Insurance Translation Services

    We serve as a comprehensive insurance translation company with our broad coverage of services. Please take a look at what we have to offer.

    Insurance Website Translation and Localization

    We specialize in insurance website translation and localization, wherein we localize every relevant aspect of your website, including its content, menus, images, etc., to suit the local context and the location you target. However, while doing so, we balance your brand guidelines and the local tastes and preferences to deliver a fully aligned localized website product!

    Insurance Website Translation and Localization
    Insurance Mobile App Translation and Localization

    Insurance Mobile App Translation and Localization

    Our expertise extends to translating mobile applications for the insurance sector. We translate various aspects of the mobile app like its content, appearance, user interface, contact forms, etc., to give it a native look and feel and make it more resonating for the target audience.

    Insurance Product Content Translation and Localization

    Insurance companies usually have a broad array of insurance products on offer. However, they are required to localize various insurance offerings to suit the local context and rules and regulations. Here, we help insurance companies translate and localize the product content accurately. It helps prospects get a better understanding of the insurance product and make informed decisions while buying them.

    Insurance Product Content Translation and Localization
    Insurance Document Translation and Localization

    Insurance Document Translation and Localization

    In addition to websites and mobile apps, we translate a range of insurance-related documents, including policy documents, medical transcripts, forms and applications, insurance claims, privacy policies, accident and police reports, brochures, manuals, insurance marketing collaterals, social media content, blogs, policy terms and conditions, important customer updates and communication and many more. As our client, we complement your efforts in providing multilingual insurance services to your customers.

    Why Choose Filose for Insurance Translation Services?

    We do not give one but many reasons to choose us. As an insurance company looking for insurance translation services, here’s why you should choose us.

    Timely Delivery

    Timely Delivery:

    We are a company that takes its commitments seriously and adheres to them. Thus, usually, we deliver all our projects on time. Our team maintains transparency in communicating delays, in rare or unforeseen situations.

    Strict Adherence to SLAs

    Strict Adherence to SLAs:

    Each of our team members is aware of the SLAs and ensures strict adherence to them without any deviation.

    Data Security and Confidentiality

    Data Security and Confidentiality:

    We understand how critical insurance-related documents are. Hence, as a responsible insurance translation company, we follow the required data security and confidentiality protocols.

    Change Management Support

    Change Management Support:

    We help your website and mobile apps remain tuned with the dynamic insurance landscape with our perpetual change management support.

    Unmatched Localization Accuracy

    Unmatched Localization Accuracy:

    We ensure absolute linguistic, cultural, contextual, and technical accuracy while translating and localizing insurance documents. We have a robust QC mechanism in place that helps us deliver the desired levels of quality.

    Are you looking for more information on our insurance translation services? Connect with us at and allow our experts to explain more about our offerings and understand your requirements in detail.