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Kurdish Translation and Language Services

Kurdish Calligraphy

With 24-25 million native speakers, Kurdish forms a significant language from the viewpoint of localization.

Ads and Marketing Material Translations services

The language is spoken by Kurds in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora. The language belongs to the Western Iranian languages in the Indo-European language family. Kurdish has three main dialects – Central Kurdish (Sorani), Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), and Southern Kurdish (Xwarin). Kurmanji, in particular, is the most significant dialect group spoken by up to 20 million people across Syria, Turkey, northwest and northeast Iran, and the northern part of Iraq. On the other hand, Sorani has about five to seven million speakers.

The massive number of Kurdish speakers and its geographical expanse make Kurdish an important language for localization for entrepreneurs looking to grow their presence across the Kurdish-speaking regions and countries. It can help them connect with the Kurds and build solid relationships with language as the base.

At Filose, we specialize in Kurdish translations. With our team of Kurdish language experts, we provide Kurdish localization and translation services for websites, mobile apps, web applications, brochures, videos, audio files, subtitles, training manuals, etc. Here’s more to our Kurdish translation and localization services.

Ask for Kurdish Translation and Language Services

    Kurdish Language Translation and Localization Services

    Our unparalleled expertise in the language and experience in localization enable us to cover a wide spectrum of our client’s needs.

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    Our Kurdish translations also cover translating for consumer goods. We translate advertisements, brochures, print media, marketing campaigns, and user guides in the Kurdish language.


    E-Learning in Kurdish

    Our Kurdish e-learning translations include translating e-chapters, e-books, videos, and e-guides. We ensure cultural, technical, and linguistic accuracy to provide a personalized learning experience to the target audience.

    Medical and Healthcare

    Medical & Healthcare

    We also translate doctor’s training documents, healthcare staff manuals, patient instructional documents, medicine labels, clinical protocols, etc., in Kurdish. Our language and technical experts collaborate to ensure accuracy across every front.

    Technology Product

    Technology Product

    Our expertise extends to providing translations for software applications. Our accurate translations help users use the application with ease.

    Software Localization


    Our Kurdish translation services also include translating navigation and GPS, user-guides for home appliances, images, workflows, diagrams, user manuals, etc.


    Kurdish in Automobile

    Our automobile industry clients enjoy our best Kurdish translation services to translate their company website, catalogs, user manuals, advertisements, brochures, etc.


    Kurdish in Government

    We work with many government agencies, offices, and departments and provide them with the best Kurdish translation services. Our expertise covers translating crucial documents like contracts, agreements, tenders, ministerial letters, etc. in the Kurdish language.



    Our legal SMEs and Kurdish experts work together to translate legal documents appropriately, while retaining the original meaning and context. Our expertise covers translating legal technical terms, contracts, agreements, etc.

    Our Kurdish Language Services

    Translation Services


    Websites, advertisements, user guides, apps, portals, documents, videos, user manuals, news, user instructions, audios, etc.



    Consecutive interpretation to and from Kurdish languages, speeches, and meetings



    Software localization, video game localization, website localization in the Kurdish language.

    Our Kurdish language translation services India also involve language testing and DTP to ensure end-to-end Kurdish translation solutions for our clients.

    Why choose us for Kurdish Language Translation Services

    At Filose, we’ve been in the translation and localization business for over a decade. Our expertise extends to undertaking Kurdish translation projects for various business domains. Here are some reasons you should partner with us for Kurdish translations.


    Translation Resources

    We employ local language and technical resources to ensure accurate translations in various forms and dialects of the language.


    Data Security and Privacy

    Our team members comply with the latest data safety and security standards. Additionally, we use the latest technologies and infrastructure to ensure the highest possible levels of data privacy and security.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    We offer a practically low turnaround time. Our meticulous planning and phased approach allow us to translate huge volumes within the stipulated timelines and while ensuring the expected quality standards.


    Quality of Translation

    We adhere to a strict quality check process, where our qualified QC engineers ensure complete accuracy. Our QC specialists coordinate with other team members to ensure perfect translation for our clients.

    Language Pair with Kurdish

    Kurdish Speakers Reach
    • Kurdish to English
    • Japanese to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Spanish
    • German to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Arabic
    • French to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Chinese
    • Portuguese to Kurdish
    • Russian to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Italian
    • Bengali to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Odiya
    • English to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Japanese
    • Spanish to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to German
    • Arabic to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to French
    • Chinese to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Portuguese
    • Kurdish to Russian
    • Italian to Kurdish
    • Kurdish to Bengali
    • Odiya to Kurdish

    Website Translation for Kurdish Language

    Kurdish Translation and Language Services

    Translate your website in Kurdish with The Website Translator, which offers seamless translation of the website content, text in banners, widgets and documents. Connect with us for the best Kurdish translation services at +91-20-49007800 , or write in to us at