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Legal Translation & Localization Services

Legal Translation localization Services

Primitively, sometime during the earlier 20th century, when businesses were mostly confined to their home country, legal translations, or for that matter, translations weren’t an important concern for business owners. Nonetheless, that’s not the case with the 21st century. Today, as more and more businesses intend to go global, and gain ground in multiple markets outside their own, the need for legal translations is only growing by the day.

Legal translations are a complex area of operation. Yes, they aren’t the usual or routine translations that translators normally come across. Translating the intricate legal language, along with the translations of the minute complexities offered by different legal areas, isn’t an easy task. It requires an extremely focused translator, who isn’t just an expert at the language pair, but possesses a comprehensive understanding of the involved law of a particular country, and ensures that the translation is legally appropriate, and conveys the right message without diluting or altering the legal meaning of a particular sentence written in the source language.

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    Translate advertisements, promotional campaigns, catalogs, informative and promotional videos in 100+ languages

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    At Filose, we provide high accuracy across all the stages of the project, & ensures the loftiest standards of transcription for all audio and video recordings.

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    We make sure of the uniqueness of the content without changing the tone and context of the content. We have professional voice-over experts for your projects.

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    Get high and quick image & video annotation services at Filose. We ensure to meet the specific demands of our clients.

    Why Filose for Legal Translation Services


    Legal Quality Check

    Filose understands quality parameters. we have experienced and professional language experts, our QC engineers are highly qualified and able to find out the smallest mistake.



    Most of Filose’s linguistic resources are based in their home countries where they keep in touch with how languages are used. Our native translators and domain experts work to ensure the correct meaning is conveyed.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    For shorter turnaround time on larger volumes, it is possible to deploy multiple Legal translators and perform additional reviews to ensure a good quality deliverable. We offer quick, reliable and quality assured translation service.



    Data privacy is one of the major benefits of outsourcing services to us. once the translation part is completed, the output is passed through several QC stages within the shortest possible time frame.

    The Role of Human Translators in Legal Translations

    Machine translations save time, cost, as well as the efforts required to translate something. However, when it comes to legal translations, they may not prove to be entirely adequate. Even today, some things require the human touch, and that is the reason why human translators in legal translations are crucial. The foremost requirement here is that of accuracy, which, at least at this point in time, is found to be delivered by human beings (at least in the context of legal translations). 

    Role of Human translator

    Also, the technical complications involved in legal translations make it customary to indulge the human element in the translation process, and ensure that the translation is legally, technically, culturally, and at the same time, grammatically appropriate!

    The Role of Human Translators in Legal Translations

    Legal Translation Challenges

    Legal translations, as specified earlier, aren’t usual translations. Legal translators have three major challenges to combat. The first one, of course, is the legal complexities. At times, the language and the points are so intricately woven that the smallest error could result in a grave legal or financial implication, or in some cases, both.

    The second challenge here is that of the language in which the legal translations are to be worked out. Often, languages are originally complex in nature, and do not have a corresponding legal word, or the sentence construction is either too flexible or rigid to make the translation challenging. In such a situation, the way out is to use the conceptual equivalents of the respective words. However, these complications on the linguistic front could affect or serve as an impediment to accurate legal translations. Nevertheless, as an expert at both, the language as well as the law, the translator must be capable enough to explore a way out to ensure that the language is correct, and the legal point as well is appropriately translated and put forth.

    Cultural difference is the third challenge that legal translators must remain careful about. A single error, with a particular sentence, word, or even worse, an alphabet, could result in a major cultural discomfort, and unnecessarily lead to undesired consequences.
    Now, given that legal translations are extremely language sensitive, besides these challenges, a particular word, regardless of its linguistic correctness, if isn’t legally appropriate, could result in rejection of the entire piece of translation! Translators, in order to keep up with their professional reputation, and to avoid letting their hard work down the drain, must be aware of these realities. Also, it is important that the translator serves the purpose of the legal translation, on both, the technical as well as the general public front.

    Filose Legal Translations | Expert Legal Translators

    Legal Industry Translation Localization Services

    At Filose, we understand the critical nature of legal translations. Our legal translators are skilled translation professionals, who are proficient at the language pair, legal technical terms, the sensitivities and the specific requirements of legal translations, and also the cultural dimensions involved. Our legal translations cover a wide range of documents including financial documents, administrative documents, documents related to immigration, business reports, legal contracts, legal agreements, patents, precedents and legal rulings, litigation documents, legal approvals, wills, articles of incorporation, witness statements, transcripts, identity documents, and many others. Our translations are quick, accurate, and legally appropriate, and therefore, we are amongst the most preferred legal translators around.

    So, if you are business owners requiring legal translations, or a law firm searching for the best legal translations, get in touch with us at +91-20-49007800 or write an email to